Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitors
  YESAIR IAQ Monitor Datasheet YESAIR 8-Channel Air Quality Monitor
YES Plus LGA Datasheet YES Plus LGA 15-Channel IAQ & Landfill Surface Gas Emissions Monitor
YESDUST Particulate Sensor Datasheet YESDUST Particulate Sensor
Controllers - Self-contained
  SCC Datasheet SCC Self Contained Controller
DCC Datasheet DCC Dual Channel Controller
  FCS-8 Flexible Control System Datasheet FCS Flexible Control System (up to 128 Channels)
FCS-8 Flexible Controls System Datasheet FCS-8 Flexible Control System (up to 8 Channels)
QCC Quad Channel Controller Datasheet QCC Quad Channel Controller
  ART Analog Refrigerant Transmitters Datasheet ART Infrared Refrigerant Transmitters
AST-I Industrial Analog Transmitters Datasheet AST-I Industrial Infrared Transmitters
AST-IS Standard Carbon Dioxide Transmitters Datasheet AST-IS Standard Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
AST-IS Industrial CO2 Datasheet AST-IS Industrial CO2 Transmitters
LPT Datasheet LPT Low Power Transmitters
LPT-A Analog Transmitter Datasheet LPT-A Analog Transmitters
LPT-B BACnet Transmitter Datasheet LPT-B BACnet Transmitters
LPT-M Modbus Transmitter Datasheet LPT-M Modbus Transmitters
LPT-P Digital Car Park Transmitter Datasheet LPT-P Digital Car Park Transmitters
Specialty Gas Detection Systems
  LPT-A-VLT Ammonia Vent Line Tansmitter Datasheet LPT-A-VLT Ammonia Vent Line Transmitters
DCC-SD Sample Draw System Datasheet DCC-SD Sample Draw System
DCC-MRI Oxygen Sampling System Datasheet DCC-MRI Oxygen Sampling System
Remote and Peripheral Devices
  QCC-RDM Remote Display Datasheet QCC-RDM Remote Display
LNK-AI Datasheet LNK-AI Analog Input Peripheral Device
LNK-AO Datasheet LNK-AO Analog Output Peripheral Device
LNK-XT Datasheet LNK-XT Network Extender Peripheral Device
Remote Sensor Datasheet ESH-A Remote Sensor
Remote Power Supply Datasheet RPS-24VDC Remote Power Supply for QCC and FCS
Remote Relay Datasheet RLY-4 and RLY-8 Remote Relays for QCC and FCS
Remote Audible Alarm Datasheet RAA-90 Remote Audible Alarm
Small Metal Protective Guard Datasheet RAA-90-W Remote Audible Alarm (water tight)
Remote Strobe Light Datasheet STROBE 4" DCMV Remote Strobe Light
Industrial Horn DatasheetHORN 120V Remote Industrial Horn
Remote Horn/Strobe (no enclosure) DatasheetRSH-24V  Remote Strobe Horn Combo (no enclosure)
Remote Horn/Strobe Datasheet RSH-24VDC Remote Strobe Horn Combo (with enclosure)
Accessories and Options
  CDA Calibration Display Adapter Datasheet CDA Calibration Display Adapter
Top Mounted Strobe Datasheet Option-L Top Mounted Strobe
Manual Shutoff Switch Datasheet Option-SW Manual Shutoff Switch
Splash Guard Datasheet Option-S Splash Guard
Duct Sampling Kit Datasheet DUCT KIT 301ADuct Sampling Kit
Small Metal Protective Guard Datasheet Small Metal Protective Guard
Large Metal Protective Guard Datasheet Large Metal Protective Guard
Calibration Systems
  Calibration Kit Datasheet Calibration Kit
QC Gas Bump Testers Datasheet QuickCheck Bump Test Systems
MiniBump Test System Datasheet MB-TEST MiniBump Test System
GENie EC Datasheet GENie EC Calibration Gas System
GENie NH3 Datasheet GENie-NH3 Ammonia Calibration Gas System
GENie O3 System Datasheet GENie-O3 Ozone Calibration System
CAL 2000 LT Datasheet CAL 2000 LT Calibration System