Short Term External Battery (for YESAIR)

    Key Features

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    Externalnickel metal hydride battery
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    For extended short term operation
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    Plugs into port at rear of YESAIR

To increase the operating time to almost double, the external battery pack is attached to the YESAIR and comes with rechargeable batteries installed from the factory. The wall adapter may be used to recharge the rechargeable batteries in the external battery pack at the same time as recharging the rechargeable batteries in the YESAIR unit. Remember: you must use the same battery type in both locations and make sure the menu is set to that battery type. If you want to use alkaline batteries, you much change the menu setting and ensure alkaline batteries are installed in the external battery pack and the YESAIR unit.

For configurations that include two high powered sensors such as two infrared sensors or one infrared and one combustible sensor, an external battery pack should be used.

The eternal battery pack attaches to rear of YESAIR with velcro and plugs into a port at rear of instrument.




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External mounted nickel metal hydride pack (for YESAIR)  YESAIR BATT OPTION

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