Magnetic Wand

    Key Features

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    Initiate the calibration process without opening the enclosure
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    Easy to use, saves time
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    Strong magnet contact

Use the magnetic wand to make contact with the magnetic sensors on the device to initiate the calibration process without opening the device. For some devices, the magnetic wand will access/control the menu functions as well as initiate the calibration process.

The magnetic sensor area is usually indicated by a white circular mark on the exterior front of the enclosure or labeled with and up and down arrow and ENTER on the side of the enclosure. Refer to the manual for the location of the magnetic sensor area on the particular device.

The magnetic wand may be used with the SCC, DCC, LPT-A, LPT-M, LPT-B, LPT-P and CXT.

Useful in dirty or wet applications or where access is difficult. When the calibration process has begun, follow the prompts listed on the device's display. To cancel calibration, simply repeat the magnet touch used to initiate the process. The magnetic wand is included in the Calibration Kit, or may be purchased separately.



Size: 2 5/8" x 1/4" (6.67 mm x 0.64 mm) hexagon
Strength: Lifts up to 0.5 lb (227 g) solid steel


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Magnetic wand for non-intrusive calibration  CET-MW

Calibration Kit

» Commonly used tools required for calibration in one convenient toolbox

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