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Two models of the optional handheld sampling probes are available, one for the YESAIR (pump model only) and one for the YES Plus LGA. Both probes have a 10” wand and 30” of tubing that fits onto the nozzle and allows you to reach into and sample areas that are difficult to access. The difference between the two sampling probes is the connection adpater. The YES AIR has a brass connector and the YES Plus LGA has a plastic connector. Each is specific to its device (the probe for the YES AIR will not fit on the YES Plus LGA and vice versa).




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Handheld probe w/ 10” wand & 30” sample hose (for YESAIR)  YES-HHPROBE-10
Handheld probe w/ 10” wand & 30” sample hose (for YES Plus LGA)  LGA-HHPROBE-30

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