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October 18, 2012

Circuit Board Repair Policy

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Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is implementing a new repair policy. Effective immediately, CETCI will no longer offer circuit board repair services for any circuit board that has been physically damaged, including water damage. CETCI has no control over what occurs in the field and is not prepared to accept the liability associated with attempting to repair damage caused by a third party during installation or field service.

Any CETCI parts or products that are shipped back to the factory for repair will be thoroughly examined. If the part or product is damaged during shipment due to improper packaging, CETCI will not be held liable. If CETCI deems it to have physical damage (broken components, burned components, etc.) or water damage, CETCI will immediately notify the customer via e-mail with a digital photo of the damaged area. The customer will be required to purchase a new circuit board and possibly a new sensor if it does not respond to the replacement circuit board. Any circuit board and / or sensor physically damaged or water damaged will not be covered under warranty with no exceptions.

CETCI will still provide circuit board repair services as long as the circuit boards are not physically damaged or have water damage. CETCI will provide a 90-day warranty for all board level repairs that are done in house. All repaired boards will be powered up and attached to a controller for 24-hours prior to shipping.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact CETCI’s service department by email (service@cetci.com) or phone (1-604-940-8741).

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