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Product Bulletin

April 20, 2016

A Dual Channel Gas Detection System for Monitoring Hazardous Gases in the Workplace

Written by: Rebecca Erickson

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc, (CETCI) offers strategic and reliable gas detection solutions for many applications. Our DCC Dual Channel Controller is an ideal fixed gas detection system for monitoring indoor air to protect workers from exposure to unhealthy levels of combustible, toxic and refrigerant gases, oxygen deficiency, and volatile organic compounds in the workplace.

The potential for exposure to hazardous gases is a concern in many workplace environments. In fact, every workplace must meet local (provincial/state, COOHS/OSHA, etc.) health and safety standards for hazardous gas exposure during working hours. To ensure the safety of the workers, equipment, and the facility, areas presenting a gas hazard should be monitored by gas detectors. In the larger, open areas, a fixed gas detection system is suitable; in confined spaces that workers enter and where gas may be present, portable gas detectors are more appropriate.

Commercial buildings that share a warehouse with manufacturing and/or service work in the back and offices in the front are a prime place for harmful gases and vapours to be present in the entire workplace area. Airports, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, food processing plants, vehicle repair shops, wineries, breweries and many more are all examples of workplaces where hazardous gases are used or produced onsite.

CETCI’s DCC Dual Channel Controller offers a fixed, continuous hazardous gas monitoring solution with two gas channels, two programmable relays, two 4-20 mA outputs and one configurable 4-20 mA input, an internal audible alarm, an LCD display with LED indicators and a password protected menu system. The two gas channels can be configured with one or two internal gas sensors, one internal and one remote gas sensor or one remote gas sensor, depending on the application requirements. The internal gas sensor options include toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, etc. The remote sensor options include refrigerants, TVOCs and combustible gases such as hydrogen, methane and propane. The DCC can also be connected to a remote 4-20 mA transmitter/gas detector such as our AST-IS (CO2), ART (IR refrigerants), LPT (CO or NO2) or LPT-A (various gases). All of our gas detectors come standard in a water/dust tight enclosure with a copper coated interior to reduce RF interference.

Optional, value added features for the DCC include an extra loud door mounted buzzer for noisy environments, a top mounted strobe, an internal heater for cold environment applications, and a door mounted water tight buzzer and splash guard for wet or spray down environments.

The DCC Dual Channel Controller conforms to CSA, UL, CE, FCC and IP54 standards.


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