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Introducing the FCS-8, Eight Channel Flexible Control System
• How to Bump Test Ammonia Sensors
• Ammonia Gas Detection Systems FAQ
• Facts About Ammonia
• Ammonia Vent Line Datasheet
• Ammonia Calibration System Datasheet
• Updated QCC and FCS Manuals



Introducing the FCS, a High Performance Controller with Logic Control
• We've got your gas covered!
• Differences between the PET and the LPT-B
• Peripheral Devices - What are they and what do they work with?
• Monitoring Ethylene in Greenhouse Applications
• Indoor Grow Op Application
• CETCI Celebrates 22 Years in Business!
• Product Highlights
• 3 Choices for Remote Strobe / Horn Combos


CETCI BACnet Module Granted BTL Certification
• Got Gas? We can help!
• DCC-MRI Oxygen Monitoring System (replaces the GEM-MRI)
• How do You Know if Your Gas Detector is Functioning Properly?
• NEW! The QuickCheck Bump Test System
• Introducing the GENie Calibration Gas System
• QCC and FSC System Flow Diagrams
• Product Videos
• Quick Links

What are the difference between the SCC and the DCC?
• Quad Channel Controller AVAILABLE NOW
• Enclosure Ratings: What NEMA Type Does an IP54 Rating Equal?
• Ammonia Vent Line Gas Detector
• Monitoring Ethylene and CO2 in Ripening Rooms
• Two Channel Controller for Monitoring Hazardous Gas in the Workplace
• New Family Product Brochure to download
• Product Videos
• Quick Links


Gas Detection in Waste Water Treatment Plants
• List of Replacement Products for the GEM, PDC and DST
• CETCI Closed for the Holidays Details
• Now shipping IAQ Products in a Convenient Hard Shell Case
• Using an Ozone Gas Detector in Fish Hatcheries
• Bubbles that Lead to Troubles - CO2 Detection for Soda Machines
• New Products - Quick Reference Guide

July 2015

Gas Detection in Parking Garage / Car Park Applications
• What's the Difference Between Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe?
• Why Residential Detectors Should not be used in Commerical Applications
• Introducing our new International Sales Manager
• CETCI's CXT Explosion Proof Transmitter
• New Products - Quick Reference Guide


Gas Detection in an Indoor Swimming Pool Application
• Hands-on Service Training Course - April 27-29, 2015
• Sensor Life Expectancy
• How often do gas cyclinders need to be replaced?
• Fixed Gas Detection vs Portable Gas Monitors
• Helpful Hints About Calibration, Specific CETCI Products and Wiring
February 2015 LPT-A Cold Storage or Freezer Room Application
• CETCI's Service Training Program - Coming Soon!
• Are you a CETCI Dealer? Do you have project references you'd like to share?
• Monitoring Multiple Gas Hazards in Ice Arenas
• Gas Detection in Recreational Facilities: Can the same detector work for pools and arenas?
• Now Available: SCC Self Contained Controller for CO and NO2 Detection in Car Parks (Video)


LPT-A Single Chiller Room Application
• CETCI's LPT Low Power and LPT-A Analog Transmitters Pass Certification
• "Sticky" Gases: PTFE Membrane to the Rescue
• "Move over white cardboard boxes, there's a new shipping container in town."
• YES IMS: The Same But Better
• Gas Monitor Bump Testing vs Calibration
November 2012 LPT Series of Gas Detection Transmitters to Launch at AHR Expo 2013
• CETCI Launches YES IMS 10-Channel IAQ Monitor
• Circuit Board Repair Policy
• What is Formaldehyde?
• Chlorine Gas
• Healthier Indoor Air Quality Improves Efficiency


CETCI Launches LPT for CO & NO2 Gas Detection
• CETCI Unveils LPT, YES IMS & PDC Catcher at AHR Expo 2012
• Bedbug Problem? Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Solution
• YESAIR Junior Discontinued
• Importance of Air & Water Testing in Indoor Pools
• New Calibration Extending Firmware (CEF) Added Feature


CETCI Launches GEM-MRI for MRI Rooms
• CETCI Unveils LPT, YES IMS & PDC Catcher at AHR Expo 2012
• Bedbug Problem? Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Solution
• YESAIR Junior Discontinued
• Importance of Air & Water Testing in Indoor Pools
• New Calibration Extending Firmware (CEF) Added Feature


Low Power Transmitter for CO & NO2 Detection coming soon
• Falcon-II Phase Out Plan
• Carbon Dioxide Leak in Soda Machines
• CETCI Enhances Top Selling YESAIR Indoor Air Quality Monitor
• The Hazards of Being in a Beauty Salon


Pitch Your Idea & Win an iPad 2
• CETCI Coats All Non-Metallic Enclosures to Elminate EMI & RFI
• Trade-Up & Save
• Ozone Sensors Available Only for YESAIR-D
• Poisoned at the Ice Arena


FREE guide to Gas Detection & Air Quality Monitoring
• PET BACnet® a bargain
• CETCI expands facility
• New website launched
• Free AIHce 2011 pass

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